Source | E.globis.jpcom  |  BY:Dr Jorge Calvo, Professor Operations  Strategy Industry 4.0 Globis university, Tokyo  



We are currently witnessing a silent, rapid transformation of the world around us, a paradigm change in which emerging technologies, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are leading to the creation of new products, services and novel client experiences without us barely realising it.

Machines and devices are getting smarter, are beginning to communicate with each other and, more importantly, are starting to interact with humans through our senses. They are also capable of printing objects in 3D and even take care of our comfort and our household bills: these days, smart LEDs light bulbs are connected to the Internet (intelligent lighting systems) and, through integrated sensors, achieve 100% lighting for the user while generating energy savings of 90%. Controlled through our smart phones, they can also predict their periods of use and schedule their maintenance. Could Thomas Edison ever have imagined that light bulbs would one day be intelligent and be able to communicate?