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Every other start-up event these days has one essential element written as a part of the agenda – networking. Lunches or High Teas are no longer just that, they are coupled with networking for entrepreneurs to interact with not just their peers but also mentors and investors. Most entrepreneurs are even known to attend long, boring sessions at events just so that they can sneak in a moment or two with an investor or mentor.

For every entrepreneur, regardless of their stage it is important to network and take home notes on their idea or how they work. Entrepreneur India spoke to founders of start-ups about why networking is essential and how is it beneficial.

Build Your Business

To grow your business, you need to have advice from not just within your time but also outside of it, for you to understand how you can further scale your company. Muheet Mehraj, co-founder, Kashmir Box believes that businesses these days are all about communities. According to him, it is one of the basic To Do’s for businesses. “Networking not only helps you to build your business by meeting more prospective clients, BUT also helps you to stay updated on what’s happening in the market, solutions that can help you improve the throughput of your organizations etc,” said Mehraj.

Networking if done right is as good as having quality advisors on board who help you to look and if need be evolve your business model as well.

It is also a platform where you can represent your company and its ideologies, believes Sandeep Madhavan, co-founder of Sportobuddy. It enhances your business prospects and boosts your company’s presence in the industry. “Networking is a golden opportunity that every entrepreneur must actively participate in. It sure has helped me a lot and I believe it has given me the insight to run my business,” said Madhavan.

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