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10 Inspiring Beliefs of Phenomenally Successful People

Source | Inc : By Jeff Haden

In my article 8 Behaviors of Phenomenally Successful People, I listed some of the actions successful people consistently take that fuel their success.

But where does the impetus for those actions come from? Belief is the mother of action–so here are some of the perspectives of beliefs that most successful people share. See how many apply to you.

Successful people believe:

1. Success is only inevitable in hindsight.

Read stories of successful entrepreneurs and it’s easy to think they have some intangible entrepreneurial something-ideas, talent, drive, skills, creativity, whatever-that you don’t have.

Wrong. Success is inevitable only in hindsight. It’s easy to look back on an entrepreneurial path to greatness and assume that every vision was clear, every plan was perfect, every step was executed flawlessly, and tremendous success was a foregone conclusion.

It wasn’t. Success is never assured. Only in hindsight does it appear that way.

If you’re willing to work hard and persevere, who you are is more than enough. Don’t measure yourself against other people.

Pick a goal and measure yourself against that goal. That’s the only comparison that matters.

2. I can choose myself.

Like Seth Godin says, once you had to wait: to be accepted, to be promoted, to be selected… to somehow be “discovered.”

Not anymore. Access is nearly unlimited; you can connect with almost anyone through social media. You can publish your own work, distribute your own music, create your own products, or attract your own funding.

You can do almost anything you want — and you don’t need to wait for someone else to discover your talents.

The only thing holding you back is you — and your willingness to try.

3. I am not self-serving. I am a servant.

No one accomplishes anything worthwhile on his own. Great bosses focus on providing the tools and training to help their employees better do their jobs-and achieve their own goals. Great consultants put their clients’ needs first. Great businesses go out of their way to help and serve their customers.

And as a result, they reap the rewards.

If you’re in it only for yourself, then someday you will be by yourself. If you’re in it for others, you’ll not only achieve success.

You’ll also have tons of friends.

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