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13 Things the World’s Most Successful Leaders Get Right

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Bernard  Marrr, Internationally best selling author  

It might be true that some people are inherently better leaders than others, but one of the things the world’s most successful leaders get right is they are always finding ways to improve. In many cases, great leaders are molded over time. So, if you don’t quite feel like you have achieved legendary leadership status yet, there’s still hope if you pay attention to these 13 things the most successful leaders do.

Make you feel safe

Great leaders nurture safe environments that build trust and cooperation among a team. When there is trust and cooperation among a team, team members feel empowered to make decisions that can greatly impact an organization. They don’t fear making mistakes, because they know they are in a safe environment. When a team feels safe they will also have important conversations in the boardroom and not resort to unuseful gossip in the hallways.

Inspire action with a strong why

The most successful leaders in the world articulate the purpose and the reason WHY behind objectives to inspire action. They inspire those who follow them because they don’t just talk about the what and the how of doing something, they tie action to a bigger purpose as explained by Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.


While there are many ways to describe a leader’s commitment to forward momentum, I think one of the best ways to describe it is being driven. They are focused on their objective and won’t let anything get in their way.


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