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NHRD HR Showcase 2016

Dear  HR Friend,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 5th NHRD HR Showcase 2016, as part of the NHRD National Conference to be held at Grand Castle, Palace Grounds, Bellary Road, Bangalore, on 8th and 9th December, 2016.

The NHRD HR Showcase, as you know, is a signature event of the NHRD Bangalore Chapter, and is shaped to bolster the enduring spirit of the HR practices. You can glance and (in all probability) be infected by the vibrancy and enthusiasm coursing through the events of the past…..

NHRD HR Showcase 2015 – Highlights

NHRD HR Showcase 2014 – Highlights

In the true sense of the word, we intend to make the Showcase a platform to present HR excellence, spanning a range of unique sensibilities, from an intellectual re-imagining of concepts and cultures to an intuitive adaptability for significant business impact. This Showcase would be an opportunity to honour the thinkers and doers among us, the barrier breakers, the bridge builders, and the radiating forces of change. We intend to seat them under the limelight.

We hope you present yourself and your path-changing practices as a formative influence to the rest of us. If you have an impressive body of work, please feel free to submit multiple applications for various Best Practices that you have initiated and implemented. Submissions are completely free.

The competition categories are as follows:

  1. Corporate HR Best Practices
  2. HR Research Best Papers
  3. Innovation in Business Schools Best Practices
  4. Corporate CSR Best Practices
  5. Best HR StartUp
  • Besides we are also holding a Exhibition of HR Products & Service Providers

You can get more details of the program 

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This is an opportunity to SHOWCASE unique Best practices that have resulted in significant business impact for your organization. You will have an opportunity to get RECOGNIZED at the conference by:

  • Being selected as one of the top  Best Practices participating in the HR Showcase event following a rigorous, yet simple application and selection process
  • Compete for a set of awards (Best amongst the Best) based on an evaluation by an expert panel, conference delegates and visitors
  • Be featured in a HR Best Practices Publication, that will be published post the conference
  • Be featured on the NHRD website “HR Showcase” section for a year till the next conference
  • To participate in this exciting event, you may apply online at You may submit multiple applications for various  Best Practice that you have initiated and implemented. The last date to submit your application is 15th October 2016.

For any queries please reach out to the following Project Leads


The Selection Criteria

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We look forward to your participation and sharing your Best HR Practice !!! Dont wait for the last day, send in your entries as soon as possible.

If you need any further clarifications, pl. feel free to reach out to the Program Managers as listed above.

For more updates /details  do follow us @

  • twitter –
  • Facebook –
  • our hashtag – #nhrdshowcase16

Thanks & Regards


Ramesh Ranjan

Convenor – HR Showcase 2016

Vice President – NHRD Bangalore Chapter

Become a member @

M – 9945560202

PS : Last Years Highlights

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Ramesh Ranjan

A Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Visiting Professor, Content Manager & Editor. Ex IIM NASSCOM LRC, ex VP NHRD Bangalore Chapter, ex VP-HR@Schneider Electric, Head HR@ APC, Caltex,Co Systems, Natural Remedies.

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