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19 Workplace Predictions for 2019

Source | | By|Roberta  chinsky 

1. Employers will continue to invest a ton of money in recruiting and onboarding employees, while paying little attention to the talent that’s seeping out the back door.

2. Record numbers of employees will jump ship within two months of receiving their year-end bonuses.

3. Experienced bounty-hunters will have a much easier time pulling talent out of organizations than in years past, leaving behind the exact people employers wish they had taken.

4. We’ll see a slew of men (and some women) being “put on leave” as more stories of harassment in the workplace become public knowledge.

5. Companies will still be surprised when employees are disappointed with the meager raises they will be receiving.

6. Exiting CEOs will continue to receive obscene pay packages, while the everyday worker struggles to make ends meet.

7. Mature job seekers who use their network, will find much more success in their job search than those who rely on online job sites to find work.

8. Employers will continue to waste millions of dollars a year trying to hire people who don’t want to be hired.

9. Employees will install fake doors in their cubicles as a last-ditch attempt to create private personal space at work.

10. Organizations will continue to pretend that there is no correlation between pay and employee engagement.

11. Smart companies will give their hiring systems a complete overhaul as they attempt to create an irresistible hiring experience that will actually help them fill jobs.

12. Women will continue to wait until they are 100% sure they’ve got what it takes before applying for a promotion, while less qualified male counterparts boldly step forward and snag the promotions.

13. Companies will continue to spend months developing strategies that are no longer relevant by the time they’re ready to implement

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