How 21st-Century Skills are Creating Great Opportunities for Students as Entrepreneurs in Real-World

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18 years into the 21st century, one would expect this tag of 21st century skills to finally get old and worn out. Instead, it’s sticking on stronger than ever – government initiatives in the US, the UAE and Singapore are requiring schools to ensure that they are developing 21st century skills for all their students.

The skills that we commonly refer to as 21st century skills – critical thinking, problem-solving, locating and analyzing information, effective communication and collaboration – are core skills which help any person stay one step ahead of the game. Truth be told, they have also been important throughout the history of mankind.

So what’s all this fuss about now? And why should every student and parent care about them?

The key here is to create an entrepreneurial mindset- a critical mix of success-oriented attitude, of initiative, intelligent risk-taking, collaboration, and opportunity recognition, that helps one attain success with the right steps taken. In the current proactive market, where the winner gives it all out, one needs to harbor the right outlook, in order to attract accolades.

The Importance Of Being a Contributory Member to this Economy

Gone are the days of letting things happen to you- that age-old approach of taking things as they are handed over, is going through a sea of change. The current economic system values individuals that understand the importance of creating a positive disruption, to hoist the economy and personal development to a newer level. This is the era of go-getters, who are aware of their capabilities and use it for the greater good.

Entrepreneurship Needs More

Knowledge is power, to the greatest extent yet correct utilization of that knowledge is what is required. Bookish knowledge provides a solid platform but one has to transcend beyond that, to be considered as a lion amongst meerkats. For that, one needs to realize his/her potential and channelize it in the right direction. The ability to critically gauge the situation and come up with the best possible solution, in tandem to the working ethics of his employees and co-workers, is the hallmark of an adept entrepreneur- something that can be harnessed through critical life-skills.

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