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3 design lessons I learned over a decade of building products

Source | LinkedIn : By Nitin Vig

When I began my career building the Motorola Razr, one of the most iconic products ever made, design thinking was not the norm. Yet in Razr, we (a team of several hundred people) created a design marvel. The experience I gained from Razr and several other products over the past decade was invaluable and an inspiration for this post.

A question I get asked often is this: how did we create a design classic like Razr at a time when design thinking was not common? My answer: Although design thinking was not common, design principles were. Especially those related to collaboration, system-thinking and customer-focus.

But despite the advances in design thinking over the years, building products with this thinking is not something organizations are still accustomed to build. Define. Or even imagine. Applying design principles is still in relative infancy. At least compared to the more established principles of product development.

Which raises a key question. How to use design to build products?

Identify the experience you want your product to deliver

Product design does not deliver a feature set. It delivers an experience: an experience that stimulates your thought. Grips your mind. Captivates your imagination.

But great design does not stop there. It goes further.

It makes this experience memorable.

It etches it in your memory. Makes it an integral part of you. And makes you desire the experience long after it’s over. You reminisce the experience. Cherish it. Crave it. Eventually you do what design hopes – you buy the product and make it an inseparable part of you.

Before launch of Razr in 2004, cellphones were designed for function. Not form. Their function? Phone calls. Their form? Clunky. With large keypads. Small screens. Huge antennas that stuck out. And so on.

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