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4 qualities to look for in an emerging, internal leader

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Ah, Q4 — the time of year when executives are reviewing and analyzing year-end goals, finalizing next year’s budget, and preparing employee reviews.

Even for the most buttoned-up organizations, the final quarter of the calendar year can be hectic, especially with holiday vacations. No matter how busy, it’s crucial that executives and managers spend time preparing employees for the new year and getting them ready for what’s coming after they return from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

One way for management to prepare teams for success is to groom internal leaders from each team who can lead the charge on next year’s most challenging projects. In order to pinpoint those leaders, though, the search should ideally start at the beginning of the year.

However, if you’re just now beginning to try and identify who is going above and beyond — and who might be ready for more demanding roles — start by assessing learning activity.

A lot of organizations today are pairing traditional training with modern social learning solutions that allow employees to expand upon concepts learned in training. Through social learning, employees are able to learn at their own pace, and by referencing their own trusted materials. It’s a bonus if your online learning solution houses a native, published business content library for easier discovery.

If you have a social learning platform to support your current trainings, or even if you hold in-person collaborative sessions with your teams, here are some qualities to look for in order to pinpoint rising stars.

1. The person engages with learning content and with peers often, and in a meaningful way

Many times in group discussions, people contribute for the sake of lookingattentive and engaged. Those who really add value to the discussion, however, are those who consistently share relevant content, ask forward-thinking questions and give meaningful feedback.

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