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4 Simple Traits of Greatness

Source | LinkedIn : By Paul Sagoo

With just under a month to go to The 6th Asian Awards, I wanted to take a step back and review what made some of our winners truly great. In analysing their various achievements and behaviours I found some very common principles which many of them mastered.

So for this post I have decided to focus on 4 of the simple traits these amazing people we have honoured display in abundance.


I have seen and heard many stories of perseverance over the years. One which really struck a chord was the story of Ahmed Kathrada. Standing up for what he believed in, for non-White rights, he continued with this cause even after short spells in jail. This relentless pursuit led to him being jailed alongside Nelson Mandela and 5 others as an Anti-Apartheid activist for 26 years just for upholding his beliefs. He went on post his release to work alongside Mandela and the ANC to continue the great work. His perseverance through his career never let anything stop him work on what he believed in even though his personal sacrifice was costly. The rest is history. Ahmed Kathrada was the recipient of the Founder’s award at the 4th Asian Awards in 2014.



When you talk about mastering your craft there are a handful of individuals who have done just that over such a long and illustrious career. Anyone who knows sport will know Sachin Tendulkar. He is often called the greatest cricketer of our time. From the age of 16 he represented India and went on to lift many a trophy, win awards globally and spent 24 golden years at the top of his profession. However, through those years Sachin stayed humble, despite injuries and some lows but continued to learn and become a better version of himself constantly, and thus mastering his craft. By doing so he led India to many a victory and became the only player to complete more than 30,000 in international cricket. Sachin Tendulkar was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Sport and People’s Choice Award at the 1st Asian Awards in 2010.



Having that laser like focus and being as disciplined are two traits that have always worked well together. A great example of this in history is the legendary Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was renowned for his physical fitness and vigour, which was achieved by using a dedicated fitness regimen to become as strong as possible, and a master of many martial arts. Training hours on end takes discipline and thus having the right focus from the outset were two things that Bruce adopted into his life from a very young age. Bruce Lee was the recipient of the Founder’s award at the 3rd Asian Awards in 2013. The award was collected by his widow, Linda Lee Caldwell.

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