4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Spam

[ad_1] Controlling spam is a constant fight between you and your computer. You need to come up with a plan so that you can counter-act this spam. You’ll be at an advantage if you take even small steps to make spam as ineffective as possible.


Automation gives spammers a great advantage since they can gather email addresses in big numbers. If email addresses had to be collected manually it wouldn’t be worth a spammer’s effort.

You too can play this game.

Programs can fight spam for the simple reason that these same programs create spam. There are several programs available to fight spam. Before you use this type of software you might want to know just how spammers do what they do and what you can do to fight them.

Spambots are one tool that spammers use. A spambot is a program which browses through websites searching for legitimate email addresses. These email addresses are then harvested and stored in big databases. These lists are then used by the spammer in marketing schemes or they are sold to someone else. There can be so many email addresses that they take up several CDs.

As of yet there are no ideal tools for fooling spambots. There are, however, a few techniques that are quite effective.


Your email address won’t be harvested if you don’t expose it. This concept is hard to avoid since there are so many forums, blogs, and other public websites that rely on you providing your email address before you can post.

Use an email address for these public websites that you don’t use for your personal email. Once you set up and confirm an email address you won’t have to worry about what is sent there if you don’t use it. Use a different email address for your personal mail and make sure that you only give it out to those people you trust.

Yahoo, Hotmail, and other big email providers are often used for this reason. Some websites have figured this out and won’t let you use email addresses that end in, for instance. Luckily there are many other…

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