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4 Ways to Win Now | Dr. Marshall Goldsmith | EntreLeadership

After years spent traveling the globe working with top CEOs, world-renowned leadership coach and best-selling author Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has discovered a universal truth: We all make mistakes. And oftentimes, even the seemingly inconsequential ones (for instance, not saying thank you enough) can undermine the most skilled, charismatic leaders. Luckily, there are four behaviors you can adopt right now that can help put you on a more successful—and likely more profitable—leadership path. And though Marshall’s advice is simple and straightforward, don’t expect real change to come overnight without some major commitment and determination on your end. As Marshall likes to say, the challenge in life is not the understanding; it’s the doing. Tune in to find out how to make the most of Marshall’s proven and practical methods in your own business. Also, our very own Armando Lopez, Executive Director of Human Resources, joins us to answer your questions.
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