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5 Companies That Have Shaped Asia, And The World

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Forbes is celebrating 100 years of its business-empowering magazine. To commemorate the milestone in Asia, we take a look back at regional market and economies over the past century.

The past century has been a revolution for Asia. In fact, it’s been a series of revolutions, revivals, rebirths and rises. The continent now stands on more of an equal footing with the West than ever before. In 1917, China was divided and had suffered a series of political upheavals, India was impoverished and ruled from London and Singapore was a far-flung trading hub, also controlled by the Crown.

In 2017, India and China are now two of the world’s largest economies, and Singapore is the world’s best place in which to do business. The Asian Tiger economies of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea continue to roar and inspire others to do so, and Asia today has the strongest economic outlook of any region in the world, according to a 2017 IMF report. Among many others, these five companies have helped to  build Asia into the economic powerhouse it is today.


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