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5 Creative Ways to Engage Your Followers

By Aiza

A huge following is great. It makes your online resume shine.

A huge number plastered on your social media profile means that you’re recognized. You do not just exist on the Internet, but you have influence over a number of people.

But do you know what’s even more important than making this number grow? Building an engaged community of followers. Now, this is the true measure of online influence.

What good is over a million followers if only 1 or 2 reads the content you shared? Nobody ever “liked” your company announcement about the latest project you are working on? Nobody answered the customer satisfaction survey that you have sent out. Nobody cares enough just to even acknowledge you.

So, how can you stir up your followers and let them know that there’s a human behind the profile? Here are 5 ways.


  1. Give a Behind-The-Scene Sneak Peek

The easiest way to connect with your followers is to be relatable. Share a few personal, but empathetic snaps through Facebook or Instagram stories.

If you sell clothes online, tease your followers with new arrivals by doing a fast video run through the clothing rack. If you have a team behind your business, share a group picture of you guys in the workplace—or at the beach during your teambuilding.

Also, stories are equipped with fun tools that you can use to make your shares more fun and interactive. Try to:

  • Create a poll
  • Add gif to your pictures or videos
  • Ask for answers to your questions
  • Ask for emoji reactions
  • Draw on your stories
  • Add a link to your website


  1. Run an interactive contest

Having a contest or giveaway is a common practice for brands. Who doesn’t like to get free stuff anyway?

However, it gets a bit boring sometimes. Usually, followers are required to like the page, follow the profile and share the post to enter the contest.

Why don’t you put a new twist to this and go for interactive mechanics? For starters, here are ideas:

  1. Ask the participants to take a selfie with your product and post it in the comments.
  2. Post a crazy picture. The one who leaves the funniest caption in the comments will win.
  3. Announce that you’re going to give a gift box to the first 5 people who will leave a comment on your Facebook live video.

Two things to remember here:

  1. Don’t overdo it with the mechanics. Keep them easy, doable, and simple.
  2. Make the prize desirable enough to make your followers eager to join.


  1. Put up a 30-Day Challenge

Putting up a challenge takes a lot of careful planning, but it’ll be worth the effort.

Think of a challenge that will resonate with your followers. One that would make them better versions of themselves. For example, if you’re a life coach, you can do a Goal Setting Challenge for a month.

You can do the challenge via a series of emails or a series of blog posts. Then, you can ask your followers to share their progress with you and the community by sharing pictures or videos on social media with a special hashtag that you created especially for that challenge.

Doing the challenge has huge benefits on you as an influencer. First, it leaves an impact on followers who will take the challenge seriously. They’ll remember you forever for that. Second, you create a buzz on different social media platforms with your followers and this is effortless marketing for your brand.


  1. Host a free live workshop or webinars

Got something valuable to share with your tribe?

Then, host a free live workshop or webinar. This is an effective hook for future prospects, especially if they find a lot of value bombs in your webinar.

For example, you’re selling a Facebook Ads Course for business owners. Your 1-hour webinar can include topics like What is Facebook Ads? How to start doing Facebook Ad marketing? What to do before launching your first ever Facebook Ad? And most importantly, one actionable tip that works like magic with results to boot. Include proof too.

Who knows? This workshop might be the push that the participant needs to avail your paid course.


  1. 5. Host a Meetup

Finally, what better way to engage with your community than a meetup!

If you feel you’re ready to socialize with your followers in real life, then do it. Meetups are fun. You get to talk with like-minded people. You get to expand your network. And you get to meet new people with whom you do future collaborations with.

Meetups can be simple, and it could be between 5 or 50—doesn’t matter. Just gather your people somewhere and do your thing, together. If you’re a painter, then hold a painting session. In the future, you can form your little group and do art fairs together. Maybe even sell a few of your paintings.

Followers have clicked on the “Like” or “Follow” button on your social profile for a reason. They are your brand’s future advocates. Give them a reason to stay.


Author Bio:

Aiza is a SaaS copywriter and marketer for EmailMeForm, an online form and survey builder for businesses. She’s obsessed with decoding their clients’ consumer behavior through user surveys and web analytics—it’s what directs her copy and customer onboarding initiatives after all. Connect with Aiza on Twitter.

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