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5 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Funk

Source | : BEllen Hendriksen

Einstein himself summed it up nicely when he said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” But going from ‘not moving’ to ‘moving’ can sometimes feel like an unbridgeable gulf. This week, we’ll cover five ways to nudge your mind or body into motion.

Tip #1: Rethink what “motivated” means. “Motivated” could mean pumped and ready for anything, or it could just mean a willingness to get up. The bar can feel way too high if you’re nestled all snug in your bed while visions of Tony Robbins dance in your head. So don’t despair—you don’t have to unleash anything, you just have to be willing to get started. Which brings us to…

Tip #2: Tackle some tiny things first to build momentum. If you have a big or particularly repellent task ahead of you, sometimes getting a running start can help. Get some small victories under your belt—clear the breakfast dishes, pay one bill, make one phone call. Just be sure your tiny tasks build momentum rather than sapping it. Checking your email may seem like a task to get out of the way, but often it sucks you into a vortex of distraction.

Tip #3: Start with the outside. Sometimes the best tiny things to start with are, counterintuitively, the most superficial. Take a shower. Put in your contacts. Shave. Put something on besides the t-shirt you slept in or your fuzzy Yoda slippers. Looking the part can nudge you toward feeling the part. By contrast, looking like you’re ready for a Netflix binge and a jar of marshmallow fluff licked straight from your fingers makes a productive day much less likely.

Tip #4: Talk to yourself with some compassion. Too often, we try to lambaste ourselves into getting motivated. “What the hell is wrong with me?” “This is so easy—why can’t I do this?” But imagine if someone else talked to you the same way. Would it motivate you? Or just make you hurt and resentful as well as unmotivated?

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