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6 Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere Fast : Time To Chart A New Direction

Source | LinkedIn : By Al Diaz

Have you ever witnessed someone that seems to have it all together, but for some reason just keeps falling short of their goals or potential? Did you know that a staggering 92% of people fall short of their goals. That’s according to research by the University of Scranton.

So many professional people stay in one place way too long, out of fear to take action. Start today, proactively chart a new direction.

1.      Activity without outcomes. If you are constantly on the move, from fire to fire, activity to activity, but outcomes continue to evade you. Activity without accomplishment breeds failure like no other behavior. Passion is the fuel you need to become an innovator, a finisher. Decide today to become value outcome driven!

2.      Is everyone around you calling the shots except for you. Are you reacting to others instead of proactively engaging? Are others in charge of most of your decisions after years in your career. Time to grow a backbone and steadily start charting your own path, even if it means the occasional setback. While no person likes to fail we all do and we can learn from those experiences … learning to bounce back from setbacks quickly is a critical skill to master. Some of us learn it and some of us have it naturally. Make NO mistake, the skills of bouncing back quickly from setbacks can be mastered.

3.      Do you live in fear of speaking up when appropriate, being direct, concise and clear about your contribution and opinion because you are afraid of your boss, losing your job or making others upset? Decide today, I will prepare myself, speak up when appropriate and back up my contribution with data.

4.      Have you stop continuously learning, upgrading your skills and secretly know you are bringing less than optimum value to your customers, team or employer. Start today, take a training class, there are tons of free and close to free classes available.

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