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One of the most creative Resume

By | Ramesh Ranjan

Your Resume is an introduction about you to a prospective employer and sending in your resume is usually your first step in making a lasting impression to your dream company. So you’ve got to make sure yours is awesome enough to stand out from the crowd. Your resume isn’t the only one the company is looking at, so a good resume must first stand out from the crowd and be distinctive by its own. Most organizations receive simple black – white, easy-to-read resume. But do they help stand out from the crowd.

They  say a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Hence a graphically appealing resume could be a more creative way of expressing about yourself.

Therefore it makes a lot of sense to try and create something that really stands out. It’s the first thing a prospective employer will look at and, particularly in the current climate, you’re up against a hell of a lot of competition, especially in a still-sluggish job market, where for many people job hunting can be a frustrating series of no’s and non-responses.

Many a employer turns to the Social Media to know more about a prospective employee. The Linked In to know his professional standing and the Facebook for his personal standing. Hence putting up a creative Facebook & LinkedIn profile about you and also sharing your Professional & Personal achievements in these 2 Social Media will go a long way in impressing your potential employer. But you need to be creative.

Here is a very creative resume created by an individual using animation. And imagine it is an interactive Resume.

Robby Leonardi is a guy looking for a job. But he ain’t just any guy looking for any job. He’s a talented dude residing in New York City looking for a cool job. So he made what may possibly be the best resume we’ve ever seen.

Sure, we’ve all seen the hokey YouTube videos of dudes trying to ham it up on the webcam to get a job. But have you seen a video game resume? Robby’s resume is an interactive video game (of sorts, in that you press the down key for most of the time) where Robby has three levels set up. It’s actually really freakin’ cool. So maybe next time instead of the LinkedIn generic ramble, maybe you spend a couple weeks putting together a video game resume.

Am sure he will be a hit and is likely to draw the attention of many an Employer….

Read on to see the animated resume….

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Ramesh Ranjan

A Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Visiting Professor, Content Manager & Editor. Ex IIM NASSCOM LRC, ex VP NHRD Bangalore Chapter, ex VP-HR@Schneider Electric, Head HR@ APC, Caltex,Co Systems, Natural Remedies.

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