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7 HR tech trends that defined 2017

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n today’s tough talent market, employers are going back to basics — and looking to tech to not only improve on those basics, but futureproof the company against the incoming automation flux.

From legacy platforms to microchip technology, the HR tech market has continued its swift expansion. Focus, however, remains largely on improving data management in order to improve employee experience and business processes. Many of our top tech stories from the year involve companies seeking to streamline current business processes and simplify the tech already on hand.

To see what stories defined tech advancement in HR this year, read on.

AI and automation

Headlines shifted back and forth this year on whether AI and automation would be boon or bane to employees of all types, including HR managers.

Confusion reigns on which jobs automation will make obsolete, but current overall consensus is that automation will free up HR to perform more business-oriented, strategic tasks. A good thing, since HR will be busy preparing the rest of the workforce for the coming automation wave.

Few companies, if any, know exactly what kind of jobs they will need to prepare their workers for, and perhaps haven’t taken the time to explain what automation is and how it could affect workers’ jobs in the future. The time to do that is now.

Chatbots, a more consumer-oriented form of AI, also reared their head, but adoption has somewhat stalled for that technology.

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