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7 reasons why you should date an HR professional

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They are your first contacts for any kind of office-related problems. And they are always there by your side no matter what. HR professionals are probably one of most interesting people whom you can count on when you are looking for someone special. And here are top 7 reasons (in random order) why you should look at dating an HR professional this Valentine’s Day. And if you are already betrothed to any HR person, share this list with the loved one to make him/her feel special.

  1. They are in the business of dealing with people’s emotions: People connection – yes, that’s what differentiates them from any other professionals. HR professionals are easily approachable for any kind of office-related work. They are compassionate, articulate, practical and passionate about their work – and most of their work is employee-related. They are the best persons to forge relationships since they are well-versed with the kind of emotions all the employees share with them. There are so many times they are hounded by employees in different tones and they manage things efficiently and proactively. And in a relationship this emotional connect is essential to build a long lasting journey.
  2. Knows how to deal with stress: You have a problem at work – computer problem, canteen problem and even loo problems— and you simply go to HR to sort it out. Imagine they take the load of the entire office to keep your workplace running. They know how to manage the stress and they deal with it everyday. There is no one better than an HR professional who knows how to beat the day’s stress. So even in your worst of days during dating, you will know he/she will not be shouting at you for any reason.
  3. Remembers all the important dates: One of the most important factors of dating an HR professional is they remember everything. You won’t have any problem reminding them about important dates/days of your lives. Before you know, they have already jotted it down in their super brains and will probably remind you even on that day! In office, it’s the HR guys who have a calendar of events rightly marked so that they don’t forget any employees’ birthdays, or work anniversaries – so the moment you enjoy at work is an effort that an HR person puts behind it. So the guessing game of does he/she remember my birthday won’t be necessary.
  4. Creative in getting good innovative gifts: Someone who remembers all the important events of your life will not disappoint you when it comes to gifts. The HR is known to be creative in sourcing the best gifts possible when it comes to Diwali, Christmas gift options. They are the ones who always make you smile with festive gifts. So once you are dating an HR professional, you will be sorted for your entire life about getting and loving the gifts they shower on you!

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