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9 Methods For Embracing Uncertainty

Source | FastCompany : By Ariane De Bonvo

Change is the word of the year and of the decade—and never before has it been more certain than for the entrepreneur. It is not uncommon for everything in your business to be modified: the logo, the website, the revenue model, the brand, the team…. Getting good at change is the most important skill to develop, yet, we’ve never really been taught how to manage it. So, are there ways to make it any easier?

I became fascinated with this question about 10 years ago after working with several startups from a vice-chair and advisory-board perspective, and realized that everybody one meets is either facing or thinking about change. I have interviewed more than a thousand people and heard very common phrases from entrepreneurs: “Change is hard,” “I hate change,” “I’m not good at change,” “I feel alone, I don’t know what to do now.” Typical excuses included: being too old or too young; not having the skills or the time; not having the money; not knowing where to start.

And yet, we all know those who seem to do just fine when change comes along. So how are these people able to navigate change successfully while others simply get stuck?

I developed the following nine principles from my research that formed the basis of my book, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier. They apply to you as a future or existing business owner, but also in other areas of your life: your relationships, your finances, your health, and your family—all of which have a huge influence on how you show up as an entrepreneur.

1. Stay positive and choose your beliefs
Your beliefs shape your reality and your world: beliefs about yourself, what you’re good at, your inner dialogue about being a founder, speaking in public, taking a risk, creating a product and launching it, etc. Next, there are beliefs about life: Is it on your side, conspiring for good, or are you unsafe with no net below to catch you? Beliefs about raising money, hiring people, or being successful are the foundation of how you will navigate change in your business. Cleaning up some of these beliefs will rewire what you believe about running your own business. People who are good at change are optimists at their core.

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