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An Antidote to Burnout


Source | Linkedin | By|Sue Bhatia

We spend the majority of our waking hours working. Work is a huge component of our lives. Being employed in a career that allows for growth, autonomy, creativity, purpose, and satisfaction is something that everyone should strive to attain. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the job we love that allows us to become self-actualized. This difficulty arises for many reasons. We may lack confidence in our abilities, have self-imposed or societal limitations we are struggling against, or we may not have done enough self-reflection to know ourselves well. We may let popular society define our goals instead of defining it for ourselves. In our twenties, when the majority of us are starting our careers, we barely know ourselves and are trying to fit in. Because of this, we pursue careers that may not be the right fit for us because it’s possible we do not know where our passions and strengths lie. We then settle for jobs that do not allow us to grow and do not provide a sense of purpose. Regardless of the originating reason for why we settled, when we are working in a job that we do not feel aligned with, we are more likely to become susceptible to burnout.

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