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An Overview of Talent Analytics

Source | LinkedIn : By Raghunath Ramaswamy

I recently undertook a CourseEra, Online course, on People Analytics. I found the course to be useful and thought of sharing concepts that we may know, yet may miss the depth of t it owing to transactional pressures in our day to day work.. Thanks to my professors, Cade Massey, Matthew Bidwell and Martine Haas for an insightful course, which was taught with a lot of energy, purpose and passion.

I found the segments on Self Fulfilling Prophecies and Reverse Causality very instructive and may have missed the subtle nuances of these concepts.

I truly believe that Organizations could benefit from implementing these aspects in their workplace. Business is driven by people. I hope the Top Management worldwide demonstrate commitment to make workplaces far more fairer.

Here are excerpts from the course. This post is carved out from the Fourth part of People Analytics course. The content is edited, I have reproduced many portions verbatim so that the flavor is not lost.

What is Talent Analytics?

Talent Analytics is an important part of People Analytics

Talent Analytics is about Talent Assessment and Development. Talent Analytics is about identifying differences in ability, developing those abilities, so that the overall capability of the organization is maximized.

Talent Analytics Is deeper than Performance Evaluation.

Talent Analytics, is Employee Evaluation with an Analytic Perspective.

Data is Good,  A lot of data is typically better. But they can also be misleading. Before you draw inferences from these numbers, it is critical to navigate a few challenges.

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