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Anderson Cooper | Talks at Google

Anderson Cooper visits Google’s NYC office to discuss his new daytime talk show and answer questions from YouTube fans around the world moderated by Steve Grove. This event took place on August 24, 2011, as part of the @Google Talks series.

About Anderson:
As host and Executive Producer of the upcoming nationally syndicated, daily one-hour talk show, “Anderson,” Anderson Cooper brings his passionate voice and unique ability as a storyteller to daytime television. Cooper, an Emmy award-winning journalist, will continue as anchor of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°,” airing weeknights at 10 p.m. ET on CNN. Over the past twenty years, Cooper has covered virtually every major news event around the world. He has won numerous awards and has captivated audiences with his courageous and compassionate on-the-scene reports of history-making events, including the recent revolution in Egypt, the earthquakes in both Japan and Haiti, as well as the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to reporting for CNN, Cooper is also a regular contributor to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” for which he has interviewed newsmakers and cultural icons like Lady Gaga, Eminem and Michael Phelps.

Directed by Lee Stimmel


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  1. Yes, such an intellect and journalist. Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace must have been proud as journalists and anchors to see Cooper informing the American public over and over how Snooky was being given to much media attention. This guy`s a rocket scientist, lol

  2. To me…he's just a dork! lol! Like, the kind of guy who remained really erm…innocent(? not sure that's the right word) all the way thru high school and college and into his career?

    IDK, but to me he seems very…erm…asexual? lol, I mean, like, not in a bad way or a forced celibacy kind of way, but in that (kinda cute) way to where it's just not really something they're interested in because they're dorks…u kno?

    Like, he actually reminds me of several friends…Am I making sense at all?

  3. His reasons are A-not very convincing and B-basically say without saying that he is gay (name one straight person who ever answered "are you gay" with "I don't like to divulge such information"). In what sense does him being gay comprimise his reporting on gay issues any than a black reporter doing segments on minority issues? He's talked about his brothers suicide, his mom, his dad and his death, so it's not like he's adverse to giving out personal information. Great reporter, bad reasons here.

  4. Omg google disable the comments please, I loved this guy before the rumors of him 'being gay' erupted. I still don't care, this guys a class act, what else do you want. Stop bickering

  5. You mean to say you get why everyone saying it, but are not comfortable yourself with the topic since you prefer closet doors firmly shut and painted over. That's fine, nothing wrong with staying in or coming out.

  6. This guy is a moron who's been used to peddle this bullshit to the masses. Why doesn't he talk about the CIA's involvement in putting up Gaddafi and quelling opposition in Libya. Same thing in Egypt with Mubarak, protected him for 40 years the Americans until he became useless. When did we Egypt on the headlines before the Arab Springs?

    Please remember that you reap what you sow.

  7. You are totally right, and I love how at the end Steve was like "mmmm if anyone wants to come to ur show, how would they get tickets" it sounded to me like.. "good first date, when can we see each others again" hihihihi

    And that firemen joke was priceless !!!

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  9. He made me the "Queen of Pain…" not Spain.. la Loca… 360 not social morals what so ever HIGH MACH'S of PSYCHOPATHY…. 7 signs sure seen them all my life same duo.. Authority Code of Laws CHAPTER 114 all based on Article 2 SECTION 43-1-80… OAS.. SAGE…Civil Authorities of True Code of Law over Non Discriminatory Practices… please America the Great rejoice pass this everywhere.. OAS too… disperse this post please…

  10. No Anderson, you don't seem boring you seem permanently depressed, since you were like five years old…I would know, but the difference is that instead of being depressed because my dad is dead or some bad guys in a gun fight, I'm mad because the bad guys are alive and wont get into a gun fight so I can be depressed or make an excuse to be depressed because some innocent dudes are now dead…bummer.

  11. please can i download your video because i want to study (english listening study)i will never upload blog or internet cafe  i bet !!! only i watch and listening just me please i really really need this video i waiting your answer please

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