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Andrew Horn: “The Art of Meaningful Conversation” | Talks at Google

Andrew Horn is the Co-Founder and CEO of, which the NewYorker calls “Hallmark 2.0.” The site makes it easy to create a collaborative video montage of a group of people sharing their appreciation for someone they want to celebrate.

“The Art of Meaningful Conversation” explores the transformation of our connections and their impact on our life. Learn about the science of gratitude and friendship, hear the surprising story of the eulogy and how we got it wrong.


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  1. dont bother watching the WHOLE talk can be summed up in 1 sentence 'relationships are important, compliment often and tell people why you love them using the sentence …i love you because __ " that's it. the rest is all bla bla bla the whole talk can be done in 20 seconds. ur welcome

  2. Overall a good discussion on being authentic and meaningful communications. Just wished it was more intersectional tbh. Women quite often get compliments that can make them think “ewww”. Minorities at times use code switching in communications to retain jobs, etc.

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