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Ask These 7 Questions To Find A Boss Who Will Help You Grow

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

My first boss out of college was Lloyd, and he was a great boss. I didn’t really appreciate how awesome it was to work for Lloyd until I left that job. I took a better job at an international consulting firm and I liked the travel, but I missed working for Lloyd.

My second boss was Clara. Then I worked for Jeanine. Both Clara and Jeanine were angry, competitive, difficult managers. I would go home half in tears at least once a month. Nothing I did would ever please them. It wasn’t just me. The whole team was upset and turnover was bad.

I got out of the consulting firm after two years and went to work for a client.  That’s where I work now. Once again I was hired by a man, Jeremy.

Jeremy got promoted to CFO and now I work for Rachel, who is another horrible boss. I am only 26 but I have learned that I cannot work for a female boss. They are too mean, too picky and too quick to take offense. I need to work for a man.

I have to leave my company again, a good company, because I work for a nasty female manager. Maybe I should go into a male-dominated industry so that I don’t run into this problem so often. What do you recommend?

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