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You Too Can Have The Attention Span Of A Dragonfly

By Sally Writes

The occupation of human resources manager is set to grow 9 percent from 2016 to 2026. With this new growth managers will need to hone their productivity. Is concentration in human resources really that important? With employees being the most valuable people in a business what can be done to improve concentration and productivity? As stated by Dynamic Signal, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. Positive feedback from managers has been shown to improve motivation, what else can managers do to improve concentration and production in the workplace?

Take one task at a time

The human resources manager has to plan, direct and be in charge of many administrative aspects of an organization. However being a real ‘go getter’ in the office might not be the most productive. A full inbox, running meetings overtime or looking like they have a million and one things to do should not be confused with productivity. A lack of focus when working can lead to reduced productivity- even when energy and effort are high. Improving concentration at work by prioritizing tasks during the working day so that focus is given to one task at a time is key. Concentration needs to be harnessed correctly so that it can have the maximum effect. Even just increasing employee concentration by an extra 10 percent could result in an increase in profits by $2,400 per employee per year.

Do you have the concentration of a dragonfly?

A dragonfly has an amazing brain considering it is just an insect. When it harnesses it’s powers of concentration it is a flawlessly productive machine. By using something scientist call ‘selective attention’ a dragonfly can accomplish a great deal. Selective attention is vital for reacting to one event to the exclusion of several other events that may be vying for attention. Dr Wiederman from the University of Adelaide explains that dragonflies are able to concentrate so that they filter out all other distractions, so that when they ‘swoop in on their prey – they get it right 97 percent of the time.’ How is this done? The key point is that a dragonfly will concentrate exclusively on one task to increase productivity- to an enviable 97 percent accuracy!

Improving the concentration and productivity of your employees starts with improving health. Many professions today actively promote healthy working environments. Setting up situations where staff take healthy snack breaks throughout the day and promoting healthy snacks that avoid processed or sugary foods will enhance concentration and improve productivity. Companies need to shelve chocolate biscuit snacks for more sustainable apples, oranges and dried fruit.

If a dragonfly does not fly it cannot succeed. The same focus on exercise is needed for the office. Companies that recognise the need to provide a way for their staff to regularly engage in exercise always outperform their competitors. Even if a gym is not a handy option at lunch time or before and after work a company can think creatively about setting up a walking club, or investing in an exercise app for their staff.

Build a culture of productivity

The human resource manager is key to building a culture of productivity. One study suggests that as much as 47% of staff look for different employment because they do not like the work culture. Creating a culture of health and wellbeing that includes fitness will increase retention of talented staff as well as improving productivity at work. Studies have shown a link to exercise and the creation of new neurons in the brain- the type of neurons that improve and enhance concentration.

Human resource managers can set up a culture in the workplace that improves concentration for their employees and therefore improves productivity for their organization. Staying competitive and driving productivity will improve the bottom line. Focussing on steps that can be taken to improve the working environment is essential.

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