Capitalism Should Always Be Capitalized in the Capital

[ad_1] Over the past weekend I’ve been reading a very famous popular book by Peter Drucker “Post-Capitalist Society,” which he had produced in 1993. Dr. Drucker is obviously a fan of capitalism, but he also approaches it from a free-market and academic displacement simultaneously. As much as I am bothered by his comments on “post capitalism” and want very much to disagree with his conclusions in this work, he does bring up a number of good points. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Dr. Drucker tells us of a time period when capitalism attained its capital “C” as it was not just an economic term, but also a socio-economic term. It was indeed a noun as well is a verb. Currently, I would say that we have a severe challenge in Washington DC with negative connotations which go along with the word capitalism, and it is by far a travesty considering all we are and all that we have built. There are many in Washington DC now, generally left-leaning socialist, or Democrats who refuse to capitalize the word capitalism in our nation’s capital.

It’s as if they do not feel the word is honorable any longer, and purposely go out of their way to show their discontent. In many regards one could say that it proves that the United States has lost her way, and is following the European Union, South America, and other faltered socialist economies into the abyss. Remember, those folks in Washington DC do dictate quite a bit of policy, and create the rules and regulations on business. Indeed, they also make laws that include the social welfare of our society, which makes it even more alarming.

The word capitalism has been capitalized for well over 100 years. To degrade the word, or call it evil in the midst of class warfare with the intention of dividing the people of this great nation does a disservice to our nation’s history, and our forward progression. I often find it interesting that those who are socialist leaning call themselves progressives, when socialism is indeed…


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