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Carol Dweck: “The Growth Mindset” | Talks at Google

“You’re so talented!”, “You are gifted – a natural!”, “You’re doing so well in school, you must be really smart!” – children receive these messages (or their negative counterparts), along with many other messages on a daily basis from their peers, parents and teachers. Are these just words or do they mean more? How are children affected by the words we use to praise, coach and criticize them?

Meet Stanford University’s Professor Dr. Carol S. Dweck to learn more about her fascinating research into “self-conceptions (or mindsets) people use to structure the self and guide their behavior”, and how you can apply a Growth Mindset at home, at school and in your career.


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  1. Starting reading this and only on the third chapter and a bell went off. Love it. Been reading or listening to lots of spiritual awareness "teachings" or insights for past 8-9 years, so I consider this another wonderful tool. You may not get the context of the video w/o reading some of the book, but highly recommend it. Give it a shot. You can change you're life through your thinking but like anything it takes some work and reversing years of momentum built up of making you think otherwise.

  2. before i know growth mindset, i was living in other's eyes, i was so worried about making mistakes and not looking smart. Now by contrast, i am confident and see every failure as opportunities to learn and grow, i don't care what people see me, i have firmer self-assertiveness and self-esteem which is great!

  3. I'm not sure that telling someone that they are smart isn't a good idea. I think letting someone know that they are capable and smart or good at something is a net possitive.
    I think what is missing is telling that person that they are resilient. That no matter what the world thows at you that you are able, capable, and smart enough to figure it out.
    That's my approach and it works well for me.

  4. Carol, Thanks for this amazing study. I am sure the world will be better in future due to this study and human growth will take a different trajectory due to this
    Thank you is not enough for your work.

    Thank you google for this talk

  5. She is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the women whom mostly advocate ONLY for young girls and women"s education. I like how she cares about ALL THE CHILDREN"S education and not preferring one gender over the other. Thank you Carol, keep up the good work and much respect to you.

  6. This talk is giving me vocabulary to use to describe work environments! Around the 25:00 pt, she is responding to a Q about how to change the culture of a biz from fixed to growth. Some of her suggestions go deep into the eval and reward system of a biz. Reminded me of a brief snit with a supervisor at a previous job. He cc'd me an email he wrote to my Boss, basically about my messy desk. He had been standing right there, he could have talked with ME about it. The tone of the email was really mean. It made me angry! Thankfully, I did not respond immediately. The next morning, I replied via email to all. I apologized for my 'messy' desk. Then I pointed out that it was messy because I was WORKING on 5-6 different projects and that I was usually very good about putting things away before I left each night. I reminded them all of my recent effectiveness and good reviews. And how I had stepped up on recent weekends to help other teams in the company complete projects on time. In hindsight, and after seeing this talk, I think that supervisor was quite 'FIXED'. Perhaps tallying his personal points? And I was more 'Growth' and teamwork. Perhaps that is why we sometimes clashed? Hmmmm?

  7. I am a teacher, left the US education system, if you didn’t teach to the test you get fired. Fix the USeducational system. You can’t teach what Carol is preaching.

  8. Fantastic and awesome. As a Life Coach and Psychological Counselor, I have personally seen real transformation in the lives of people in adopting a Growth Mindset. I am forever grateful to You reverend Carol Dweck for your great work in this most important field which is creating revolution in my coaching to students, parents, executives and those who come for individual counseling for success and happiness. As you have said here and written in your classic book, Identifying Triggers for a week is the best first step of transformation. Thank You thank You thank You respected Professor Carol Dweck for your so cool and practical presentation and thank you very much Google for sharing this most important video.

  9. This was awesome!! Favorite part was adding the word "yet" to negative mindset sentences. My daughter gets frustrated easily (she has her Mommy's inherent temperament that can lean towards developing a fixed mindset…I think), and she will often yell, "Uhhhggg!! I can't do this!" And I would always reply, "Don't say the word 'can't'. Say "I have to keep on trying." Which would work sometimes, rarely… But now I want to try getting her in the habit of saying, "I can't do this yet." Thanks for the great video!

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