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Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas: “Ripple – The Enterprise Blockchain” | Talks at Google

Chris Larsen is the founder, former CEO and now Executive Chairman of Ripple labs; he is a serial entrepreneur and advocate for “the internet of value” and consumer financial privacy; he is a graduate of Stanford Business School, and founder of both E-loan mortgage lender and Prosper marketplace.

Stefan Thomas is the current CTO of Ripple, a member of the board of directors of the JS foundation, and the founder and CEO of Justmoon, WeUseCoins, and TxtBear. He was one of the original cypherpunks involved with bitcoin and is a world-renowned crypto and blockchain expert.

Ripple develops software that makes banking transactions easier and more efficient on the blockchain. XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, is (on the date of this publication) the world’s third largest cryptocurrency with a current market cap of about 45 billion dollars. In this talk they discuss Ripple’s focus on settlement infrastructure and their plan to create a longterm internet of value.

Moderated by Jesse Michels.


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  1. There is no doubt that Ripple labs is a super legit company founded and governed by very clever and visionary people. The idea behind the xrp token will most likely be successful in terms of its use cases when we take a look at all the partnership Ripple has managed to secure lately. However i don't think that xrp as an investment is a good idea for various reasons:
    First, it is already overpriced. With a 100 Billion max supply, a 1 dollar toek is expensive for what the xrapid project is consists in. Xrp is not a crypto-currency but a protocol made for financial institutions 's transactions to be cheaper and faster.
    Also, the fact that the founder/Directors/core developers owning 60% of the supply is super shady to me : it gives opportunity for price manipulations and it shows that the xrp price as we see it today is not what it should be if the (and when) the circulating supply was (will be) of 100 billion.
    A lot of hardcore decentralization defenders hate on xrp because it serves banks and is centralized since the consensus protocol is endorsed by private nodes and that the majority of the supply is owned by the members of the company. I think it is mostly a matter of point of vue on how the financial system should evolve, yet imo the xrp protocol is very well designed and most likely will found success among the financial institutions of the globe.

    To me, Ripple labs and the xrp protocol are legit and surely not scams but, as an investment, i don't think that xrp is the best idea and that it most probable the the xrp value will drop at some point than it skyrocketing to 4/5$.

  2. At 15:30 Larsen tells everyone Wall Street is in the market now and is swing trading…right after he downs day trading. This explains the dramatic swings in volume and buys and sells. I went back last year on CMC and the swings were no where near as dramatic. XRP has real world value and is working on decentralization. Interesting how the people that run the nodes are selected by the community using XRP, which is not completely different to NEO.

  3. Super bright individuals (two more geniuses in the Fintech world) and I like the fact that they have real use cases that are working with current financial systems/old institutions. I have my core holdings in RIPPLE XRP!

  4. I often hear comments that denigrate any future success of XRP being ubiquitous globally and how 60% of XRP are still owned by the company. In response, one needs to look at other major and enormously successful companies where essentially there is no difference. I wondered what the naysayers would say if a company as large as Western Union or MoneyGram adopted XRP. Believe you me, you could ignore any new banks/payment providers working with Xrapid as the aforementioned payment providers alone using XRP tokens would probably see RIPPLE as one of the most successful companies to have invested in this century. I have many banker friends (in senior positions) who are beginning to invest in the XRP token as well, but still cringe at the thought of any Bitcoin ownership. They were quite reticent in the early days of cryptocurrency. Watch this space carefully.

  5. It also appears that they've revised the Codius website. A ton of more use cases in the pipeline!

    Ripple came up with smart contracts before Ethereum. It works better too,and the code is in JavaScript. Which is the same programming language that is driving the price on LISK coin,because of its ease for developers to work with.

  6. Brilliant people, together with great ideas, create our future! What's happening right now IS the creation and a fundamental  transformation of our future. Of course future is constantly created by our actions of the present. But rarely we are able to witness great transformational leaps like this one. In a couple of years we will look back and be thankful for having been witnesses in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

  7. An amazing! Huge! Scam. Could become the biggest scam in human history. Pre mined, centralised. Not yet busted only because people don't understand cryptocurrencies yet and anything that slow down bitcoin adoption is beeing promoted by establishment

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