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Content democratization: How the Internet is fueling the growth of creative economies

Source | : By Jayant Bhargava and Alice Klat


The amount of digital content created, exchanged, and consumed is growing by the day across the world, and because the Internet has democratized access to creation and distribution tools, boundaries between professional and amateur content are blurring across all parts of the creative sector. The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive view of the effect of the Internet on content providers and distributers, emerging artists, and consumers in five very different countries — Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. We selected these countries because they feature highly varying levels of Internet connectivity, infrastructure development, and media reach. Studying the commonalities and differences among them contributes to an understanding of how the Internet can bring value to the creative sector regardless of a country’s institutional and technological framework.

We analyzed the impact from the consumer perspective as well as from the creator and industry perspectives, providing a differentiated perspective on each player.

Our methodology combined desk research with one-on-one interviews with representatives of leading companies in each of the five countries. Our desk research was based on respected industry sources such as PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, Ovum, and the World Bank, to name just a few. We assessed the impact of the Internet on both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective. Some of the key quantitative figures we analyzed were the market size and growth of the creative sector, the evolution of consumer time spent across media, and indicators of each country’s degree of digitization. Examples of qualitative factors we assessed include creative industry players’ business models and evolution, and strategies for integrating traditional and digital media, as well as market dynamics and competitive strengths.

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