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Create Your Success Stories: Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

Source | LinkedIn : By Robert Herjavec

After years of being on Shark Tank, I’ve seen many different types of people come through the tank. As a Shark, we’re not just investing in the business – we’re investing in the entrepreneur. We look for their passion, knowledge, preparation and charisma. In light of my newest book, You Don’t Have to Be a Shark I sat down to interview some of my favourite entrepreneurs. They each have their own unique stories of sacrifice, failure and accomplishment. What advice do they have for a new generation of people chasing their dreams? Read through our conversation below and get inspired to #CreateYourSuccess.

When Mark first came to Shark Tank and pitched Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, I wasn’t immediately sold. In fact, I even backed out! But the more Mark talked, the more I began to change my mind. His invention is not only innovative but I can see the passion he has for entrepreneurship clear as day. From building a gold panning kit for his daughters in his garage to mass-producing them for families around America, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket has certainly hit the mark! I’m so excited to partner with Mark and help bring some outdoors fun for families everywhere.

You can find the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket on their website and in Sportsman’s Warehouse. An exclusive version of the product is also now available on Amazon Exclusives.

How do you motivate yourself to work so hard?

In business, taking one step at a time to achieve our long-term vision and goals. Personally, my kids motivate me to be the best person I can – both at home and at work.

So what made you start your business – what was the big ‘aha!’ moment?

I started my business for two reasons. First, I’ve owned a small mortgage company for the last 16 years and have seen some really good and not-so-good times. As a result of the recession and financial difficulties, I wanted to find a way to spend time with my two daughters that could get us outdoors and spend time together. I made a makeshift gold panning kit in my garage that my girls ended up really enjoying. They didn’t find gold, but what caught my attention was their enjoyment of just playing with rocks, water and spending time with their dad. It was a validating feeling for me to be able to provide a great experience for them.

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