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Crisis Leadership

Source | LinkedIn : By Harjeet Khanduja

Crisis Leadership is a unique Leadership trait. Crisis Leaders are built over years in laboratory environment but some get direct passport to Crisis Leadership. This is an interesting story from when I was studying at INSEAD. Our entire batch travelled to France. In an untoward incident Krish lost his passport on the very first day of visit.

Krish is a smart guy. Krish managed to get the video recording of the theft. He went to police for registering the complaint. Police was very busy with other important things and refused to register a complaint for such a small incident. Krish had a period of seven days to manage the situation and at the same time he had to attend lectures. Krish did not give up, he maintained his confidence. He planned how to deal with a crisis instead of panicking. Krish succeeded in arranging an emergency certificate and returned back to India.

Crisis Leadership qualities come into play during such incidents. It was very difficult to decipher the Crisis Leadership qualities at first. But another incident of similar nature made them recognizable. This time it was Suresh Singh. Just like Krish, he also got a passport to Crisis Leadership. Here are the 5 crisis leadership qualities we can learn from experiences of Krish and Suresh.

1. Confidence (Be Confident)

While everyone travelled back, Suresh Singh was ready for a once in a life time leadership journey. Suresh was coming back via Switzerland. Suresh checked in his luggage and decided to take a round of Zurich in a tram with his wife and two small kids. Just two hours before the flight, Suresh lost his laptop bag which had passports of the entire family. Suresh asked for help from the tram staff, announcements were made but bag could not be found. Suresh rushed to the airport to find that he cannot board the flight. His batch mates offered all the euros they were carrying. Couple of them offered to stay back. Suresh was confident that he will be able to handle the situation. Suresh did not realize the size of the problem. Keeping a brave face is absolutely necessary for a leader as people look up to the leader for assurance.

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