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The Definition of ‘Job Search Insanity’

Source | LinkedIn : By J.T. O’Donnell

Today, I was reviewing all the new discussions going on inside Work It Daily’s free, private Facebook group. I’m proud to say we are the fastest growing career support group on Facebook. The people joining are so inspiring and resourceful. It’s great to see like-minded people coming together to improve their careers.

But then, I stumbled across something that blew my mind!

As I was reading the various posts, I saw one from a job seeker who stated he had applied to 500 jobs online. 500. What?! I immediately thought to myself,

“That is the very definition of job search insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

So, I jumped on Facebook livestream and recorded the video below to explain:

1) Why spraying & praying job applications today is waste of time and screws up your confidence.

2) Why proactive job search is the ‘new normal.’

3) Why most people fail miserably at job search (and, it’s not even their own fault).

I hope you can take a few minutes to watch the first part of the video and learn why nobody should be applying to jobs online anymore.

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