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Businesses are an amalgamation/ a collective consciousness of desires, motivations, aspirations and personal goals of its promoters, creators and the thousands of employees working there. They are alive and breathing, with the mental, emotional, psychological and physical fuel being pumped into them every day by every one of the employees.

Workplaces are sacred. It is where organizations create the Future- today. A vision, a thought, an idea is given shape and made into a reality by so many minds focused to perfect the same. Work, the Organization lends identity to its employees. It creates in them a sense of who they are, what they do, and occupies a lot of mental and emotional space. It also goes a long way in what the individual becomes as a result of where he works and what he does. The Impact and Influence factor of the Work life offered in organizations therefore goes a long way in impacting subsequent employee relationships with his home environment, ie his spouse, his children, his parents and all individuals who are an important part of his ecosystem. To a great extent the organization, peers, superiors, internal and external stakeholders and the management leadership play an important role in the interplay of social relationships played , out of the hemisphere of the office.

Work life has another face. While it harnesses and nurtures the dreams, aspirations and ambitions of countless employees and promoters, it also becomes a breeding ground for other negative emotions like Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, Helplessness and Insecurity that plague almost all employees in all organizations. Negative emotions build the level of toxicity within Organizations leading to People Issues of Attrition, Interpersonal Conflicts, Decreased Productivity, Low Employee Engagement, Low Employee Morale and the list goes. Employees across organizations are imprisoned with negative workplace emotions, which spill over into their personal lives, thereby making their lives and relationships both in the workplace and outside of it extremely toxic.

The Need of the Hour is for Organizations to Detox. By Detox, what I would mean is that they need to look closely with a fine tooth comb, how they are inbreeding these emotions into their employees through their work and organizational culture, through unrealistic demands, improper communications, their policies, systems and procedures and the consequent impact of the same on their employees. Organizations need to learn to listen to their own rhythm and feedback from their employees. Grievance Cells and Unbiased Forums, where employees can feel free to express their feelings should be developed and impactful interventions should be taken immediately to address these concerns. For this to happen organizations should learn to be flexible and more responsive, both to their internal and external stakeholders.

Organizations can also look to creating organizational retreats and town halls where they can hope to conduct de stress and detox initiatives that go a long way in clearing the air and negativity build up amongst their employees. Corporate Training programme sessions on counseling, empathy, listening skills, communication and a design of `To The Age- Employee Wellness Programmes can be done to create sensitivity. The Human Resources function can look to becoming more a ` Human(e) Resource Function, sensitive to employee and employee grievances. Companies should incorporate in their culture and policies the constant sociological shifts, gender sensitivities, multicultural diversities, flexible work schedules, global connectivity and interaction.

A Happy Workplace has both Tangible and Intangible benefits to its own cause and society as a whole. Happy Employees will be healthier employees bringing to the organization – their full zeal and potential thereby helping organizations innovate and be more productive. The will go back home happy because of a stress free work environment and enjoy fulfilling relationships outside of their work area.

Holistic Development of employees leads to a Holistic Development of Organizations. It’s the need of the hour to relook , introspect and act in order to nuture healthy relationships with the people who come to work for us, to ensure their wellness and emotional and mental health. The people are the soul of the Business and recognizing this and gearing to make them the most important asset of the living business is the first transformational thought that any business can undertake.

Viewing the business as having a mind, heart , body and soul that needs to be integrated and treated together to achieve optimization , efficiency and sustainability is the other transformational thought that can, and will lead to the flushing of Organizational Toxins, and constantly aim to build healthier people and healthier work places and thus a healthier society.

Republished with permission and originally published at Sakalya Holistic HR Solutions’s Linkedin

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