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Digital Marketing And It’s Influence On Recruitment Strategies! Part 2

Source | LinkedIn : By Sushmita Singh

I had written my first article on digital marketing influencing recruitment strategies in June 2016 knowing little about the subject I realize now hence, this article! I have been working on an e-commerce project on the side that has giving me the opportunity to learn about this fascinating and powerful tool we know as Digital Marketing. The recruiter in me ties everything that I learn from anywhere into the recruiting industry and I am excited to learn what I am about to share.

As recruiters, we boast about our superior screening skills because we try to find whatever we can about a potential candidate on the internet. One can never have control on what we find about someone when we simply type their names or use fancy Boolean search string in any search engine. I am a big fan of internet recruiting and most part of my recruiting years, I have barely used job boards and I continue teaching the technique to anyone who works with me. Some like it and some don’t. Sukant loved it! Sukant Goel, when he was a fresher in the recruiting world was part of my team at Mastech and nervously walked up to me to share an awkward finding. I was excited that Sukant got his first placement and was going through a fine learning curve quickly. He googled the name of the his first start at Mastech who showed up as a sex offender! You can imagine the state of Sukant 🙂 While we were able to inform the customer and pull this person off from starting the project based on the instructions very quickly! Sukant went back to finding a backfill, he also lost a start. Thereafter our man googled everyone and anyone he sent to the customer!

Now this about this, while recruiters are searching about what they can find about candidates, candidates are also searching about what they can find about the recruiters and their company. This search doesn’t necessarily stop in search engines such as google, it could go to facebook, linkedin, instagram, myspace, twitter, etc. Why should they choose me as their next potential employer? Just because I say am great and I have direct client relationships??? Almost everyone says that!! Why should they believe me? How can I help them believe that I real and I mean business and we are good at matching talent to jobs and we are passionate about what we do!!

Don’t worry, brand can always be built or rebuilt! So if you do not have an online reputation as an individual or as a company, the good news is that you can start working on it with the help of digital marketing. It takes about 5 to 8 brand impressions to convert to one consumer purchase. Which means it is imperative to have an online presence and be consistent at what that reputation is. This will allow recruiters and recruiting firms to attract stellar active as well as passive candidates, this will also attract serious clients who are looking to partner with successful recruiting firms. The work will speak for itself and you will beat the competition gracefully building goodwill through digital marketing!

Branding, Engagement and Digital Marketing are your three best friends. I have said this before and will say this again, recruiting is a sales job you like it or not. The better prepared you are in your pitch, the more successful you will be at recruiting. Leadership should educate effectively off the mission, vision and core values of the company to each and all employees. it is also important to build visibility when a candidate or a potential client searches for you, if you come up in the first page search list you have excelled this art! Be consistent and active in various social media platforms with your fundamentals. Using media files( Photos, Videos, Presentation) gets your to show up on a high ranking in search results hence do not be afraid of using them while you publish/post/tweet.

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