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Your Direct HR Boss is Being Difficult; What to Do

Source |  |  BY:Matthew R. Chapman, Mentor HR Leaders and Build HR Teams Across the World

A bad HR boss? Is there such a thing? Whilst many HR leaders spend a lot of their time coaching leaders how to best interact with their direct reports, the truth is, it’s easier to dispense advice than it is to take it.

Some of us have been fortunate to sail through our HR careers having good HR bosses, yet some of us sometimes find our direct boss difficult. There is nothing more stressful in your career than having a difficult boss, especially when you’re trying your best.

Here are some tips to deal with the situation:

1) Are you being difficult? This requires you to be honest with yourself—and that’s not always easy. In fact, it’s rarely easy. Ask yourself if you’re doing anything to contribute to the situation? Are you meeting expectations? Is your work accurate? Do you keep making the same “small” mistakes? Ensuring you’re doing your part is the first step in trying to resolve the situation.

2) Think about it from their point of view. As easy as it is to dispense advice, it’s equally as easy to see things only from your point of view. Try hard to understand things from your HR boss’s side of the table. Are they insecure in their job? Are they under a lot of pressure? Is their style difficult to others or just to you?  Perhaps they are unhappy in their job or going through something personal at the moment?  Sometimes, simply trying to understand why your boss is behaving this way will allow you to rationalise the situation better.


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