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Downsizing or rightsizing?

Source | People Matters

It just needs to be called downsizing – straight! We do a big disservice when we hide under euphemisms like right sizing, performance exits etc. etc.! Call a spade, a spade. You are firing people and that is the truth. Many of them have no clue and most of them walk out feeling let down and scarred forever. Little wonder that world over employees show lesser and lesser engagement and alignment to companies.  Downsizing is an inevitable part of the corporate world. The best laid plans get stuck, the economy tanks or the proverbial just hits the ceiling. It is a fact that all of us on both sides of the fence – the downsizers and the downsized need to accept and be prepared.  For the downsizer or downsized, this need not be an exercise in embarrassment or shame. It is a necessity and will happen in our imperfect world.  What should they do then! Go about unabashed and proud to be cleaning the stables. No! that is not what I am suggesting.

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