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Eckhart Tolle in Conversation with Bradley Horowitz | Talks at Google

Eckhart Tolle stops by Google for a fireside chat with Bradley Horowitz. The subject is: “Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age.”


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  1. I could listen to Eckhart for hours. I love his laughs , giggles and his way of being. A calming influence on me .He too helps me to start my day siting wwwwith my laptop at times for 4 to 5 hours at a time . I am so grateful for him/. Google I Thank you for sharing.

  2. at around 1:6:25 he called out buddhas word anant or sth thats not pali its " nepali .. " thats where buddha was born . nepal not india <3 all of you who listens to him i am sure you know lots of things till now but this might help alot. this guy mightnt be purely 100% right about everyth you or i know but he is always right if you follow onto what he tells you and follow on from their to your own conquest … it way happier and easier dive into the ral of life long lasting consciousness .

  3. 3:47 – Tolle in the Building
    5:00 – Tolle Comments on Google as a Company
    7:00 – The Difference Between Wisdom and Knowledge
    14:40 – How to Access an Enlightened State of Consciousness
    17:20 – What is the Present Moment
    21:03 – The Most Incredible Secret of Human Life
    26:30 – How Technology Impacts Attention and Presence
    35:30 – How to do Mini Meditations
    42:50 – How Feelings Relate to the Experience of Being
    50:14 – How to Find Presence In the Midst of a Challenging Situation
    1:01:30 – Start of Q & A Session
    1:02:06 – What was Tolle's Journey to Enlightenment
    1:09:25 – Why Enlightenment Happens Overnight For Some and Not For Others
    1:11:24 – Advice For High Achievers (Self-Compassion)
    1:18:30 – Why is There Such Attraction to Distraction
    1:23:48 – How to Overcome Strong Emotion

  4. Skip the intro. It will suck you into thoughts of analytical misery, robbing you of any state of presence you might have held going into the video. Side note, the moderator is clearly not getting it?

  5. You can really tell that this guy lives with the things he tells and that he really believes in them and is really convinced in it. That's why i love to listen en read what he got to say.

  6. At 31m 58s he tries to explain the potential damage technology can cause if we are not careful. So much relevant as we keep running for new stuff in the name of innovation and disconnect from the voice within.

  7. The disembodied spirts of the giants inhabit the mindless massess.What is automatic writing?Where a demon controls thearm of a person.A demon writes a best seller and someone with aspergers and NO COMMON SENSE gets the credit for something they did not do.Not to mention it is false knowledge that WILL NEVER STAND in the last days.Every knee will bow,every knee will confess,Jesus Christ is Lord.The Lord REIGNETH.

  8. Thank you Eckhart, wished I had came across you ten years ago! better late than never! but you have taught me now is what is important!!!and NOW I am ready for you and your teachings!

  9. Lol I love the guy on the right but because I'm here right now and not allowing in certain ways I just hate the guy on the surface of action. Behind and within that I love him because he's me

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