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Enhancing Employee Engagement – A simple tool for better work culture and bottom-line

Source | LinkedIn : By Dr Som Saini, FAHRI

People are the most critical asset of any organization.  Work culture of any organization is the sum total of the individuals’ behavior at work.  In the words of Richard Perrin,“Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organization.”  Evolving and nurturing such work culture takes time.  Those new employees who join an organization bring with them some amount of work culture they had been following in the previous organizations.  To unlearn and then make them learn new culture also takes its own time.  But in a highly competitive environment today, organizations are keen to short cut this long process somehow under pressures of their stretched targets.  Hence, focus area!

In any business set up, the role of those who lead the organization is quite important.  If the leaders are good in performance of their roles to set examples for others – be fair, target focused, performance driven, appreciate talent, be good motivators and communicators and above all, treat employees at all levels as human beings who are sensitive to all sorts of behaviors of seniors and rewards and recognition, their organizations are bound to grow.  In my PhD research on ‘Employee Engagement for Organizational Effectiveness’, I found Leadership as the top driver of employee engagement.

Assuming the top management is good in their roles, if they are not able to inculcate the conducive work culture, still the desired results won’t be achieved. Therefore, a strong connect with all employees around values and rituals of the organization is must.

Today business leaders talk of better employee engagement for better financial outcomes. Levels of employee engagement have direct relevance with the overall performance of the organization.  But what is Employee Engagement?  To me, it isextracting discretionary efforts of employees, inducing them to put their head and heart in the organizational interests.  David Mizne in his recent article ‘7 Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends for 2016’ defines Employees Engagement, “as proactively and passionately adding value while aligning with the company mission. This can be hard to quantify, but an engaged employee wears it on their face, demonstrates it in their work and in their workplace communication”. However, owing to many stresses of work and life, there is no remarkable improvement in the global average of engagement.  One quick way out could be some programs around ‘Positive Psychology’ besides initiating engagement drivers with help of experts on the subject.

PEP Choice is a wonderful  on-line program based  on recent researches on ’Positive Psychology’ and ‘Employee Engagement’ meant to bring happiness to participants – both at home and at work.  End result – excellent work culture.  Explore more details about PEP Choice, available on Thus, with each employee being positive after undergoing this program, foundation for strong and vibrant work culture is laid down. After all, the responsibility of good employers is much beyond the bottom line of the organization.

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