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Five Big Labor Market Predictions for 2017

Source | LinkedIn : By Andrew Chamberlain

A new President, an economy that’s seven years into an expansion, and a Federal Reserve that just raised interest rates all point to risks—and opportunities—for job seekers, employees and companies in 2017.

What are the big labor market trends Americans should be watching? Today, I’m happy to release my own retrospective on the job market of 2016, along with my predictions about coming trends likely to reshape work and compensation in 2017 and beyond.

Download the full report here.

From a long list of potential candidates, I selected five “game changing” trends I watched unfold in the job market this year. And looking ahead, I chose five key trends I believe will dramatically shift the job market in the next decade.

They include:

  • Why employers across all industries are struggling to hire tech talent;
  • Why we’re realizing the limits of the gig economy;
  • How automation is changing—not destroying—every job;
  • Why solving the gender pay gap is a recruiting issue;
  • Why employers may rethink flashy perks and benefits in favor of core benefits offerings;
  • How better data science can revolutionize HR and talent attraction;
  • Why wages are finally growing—and why they still aren’t for some workers;
  • And more.

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