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Five Interview Questions and How to Respond

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Don’t wait for the interview. Be always prepared to talk about yourself and what value you add to a job or work situation. When someone asks me: Are you looking for a job? I say, “No, I am looking to find something that matches my qualifications.” Looking for a job has the sound of desperation. Finding a match speaks to your value-add. [Tips in this write-up is based on my past experience as a successful job candidate in marketing and as a hiring manager. Use it with discretion based on the type of job].

If your goal is always to match the job to your qualifications [not the other way around], you will handle any job questions, and learn to ask a few yourself… not the standard ones recommended in interview guides, but the ones that help you in your decision-making.


  1. Answer the person behind the question, not just the question. Meaning, know why the question is being asked
  2. Be brief – get to the point. Let them ask you follow-up questions. Keep control of the flow. I learned this while giving market research presentations. The less I said the less likely chance of confronting unchartered territory.
  3. Don’t be defensive about your employment history. If you have doubts about yourself, how can you expect the other person to trust you?                                                                                                                                                             
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