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Four Golden Career Health Questions to Ask Every Year

Source | LinkedIn : By Brian Fetherstonhaugh

So many people worry about their career progression. Here are four questions you should ask yourself at least once a year to do a Career Health-check.


This is a critical at any stage of a career, but especially in the early years. What new skills, experiences and relationships did you accumulate in the past year? This is what I refer to as “Career Fuel”. Are you learning and building “fuel”?


Am I having IMPACT?

Do you feel that what you do in your job matters? Are you having impact on your team, your company or perhaps even society at large?


Am I having FUN?

Do you enjoy going to work? Does it give you energy, or does it bring you down?

Am I fairly REWARDED?

Think broadly about what ”rewards” includes. It should include base pay, benefits, vacation pay, flexible time or work conditions and any performance incentives you may be eligible for.

Look at the whole rewards package and ask yourself if it is fair for what you are contributing to the organization.

Answer the four questions and then look at the answers as a total package. Are you in a good situation?

What could you do — maybe through a special extra assignment or a rotation or maybe a more dramatic career move — to boost some of the areas that you rate as low?

Before jumping around, make sure you explore the possibilities for change within your current organization.

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