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Getting Along with Colleagues

Source | LinkedIn : By Jumana Mustafa

I had a really great time working for an HR Consultancy in Pakistan. Now that I’m in Dubai and searching for a job, I miss the good old days when I had deadlines to meet and colleagues to keep me company during the day. One of the best things about working at A.I. MIR LLC was its people!

If you get along with your teammates, you’ll notice that your work gets done faster and your productivity levels rise. The logic behind this is very simple. When your colleagues become your friends, you tend to spend less or no time in office politics, leaving more time to be productive. You often make plans to go out for lunch with them, forcing yourselves to meet deadlines faster, creating a win-win situation. You also tend to support your colleagues and they in turn have your back when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

So how can you build better relationships at work?

For starters, be open and honest in your communication. If you have something to say, don’t beat about the bush and don’t talk behind anyone’s back! Be polite with others and respect all members of your team to earn the same courtesy for yourself.

Don’t borrow from your colleagues. It may seem like a small thing but constantly borrowing your neighbor’s stapler and neglecting to return it can get on their nerves and make you look kind of annoying.

Be Dependable! If you promise to help someone, live up to your word and don’t ditch them at the last moment. Not only does this make you look bad, but it also means you’ve burnt your bridges for the future.

Find something in common with your colleagues. For instance, Game of Thrones was something my colleagues and I never stopped discussing at work and neither were the latest books we read. Our common love for food, air hockey and workout routines helped us forge a bond so strong that it still continues to grow.

Don’t reach out to a team member for help unless you genuinely need it. You don’t want to be the teammate who constantly asks others to double check your work. Everyone else has work too and having their thought process interrupted frequently may cause them to get annoyed with you.

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