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Google for Jobs is Evil

Source | LinkedIn : By Lou Adler

It’s good to remember one of Google’s original mission statements – Do No Evil. Google has just violated this credo in the announcement of their new service: Google for Jobs.

Google contends it’s to save America by getting more people back to work more quickly.

I contend it will make America less competitive and damage the American workforce. This is evil.

They might be saying to the world that they are trying to help people find jobs more quickly but they either are naïve – which I doubt – or realize the business potential for increasing job turnover and reducing job satisfaction is enormous.

Let me prove Google for Jobs is evil.

In the old days it took work to leave a job. So you didn’t just leave a job when you had a bad day at the office.

You first had to prepare a resume.

Then to find an open job you had to peruse the classified ads or display pages of the WSJ or a major local newspaper or contact a recruiter or former co-worker.

Then you had to send in your resume and wait.

When you had the occasional bad day at the office you just sucked it up. You didn’t change jobs for superficial short-term reasons. It was just too hard to do.

I contend that job satisfaction was higher in the old days, too. It doesn’t take much insight to read Gallup’s employee engagement reports and conclude that the current 70% disengagement rate of the U.S. workforce could be attributed to the ease of changing jobs for the wrong reasons.

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