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Having more female staff, leaders will benefit firms, says Halimah

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Companies and society will benefit from an increasing participation by women in the economy and in leadership positions, said President Halimah Yacob yesterday.

She told the Women’s Forum Asia: “Our society has been built on principles of meritocracy and equal opportunity for all.

“To this extent, organisations in Singapore must continue to embrace diversity in leadership positions, which has been shown to lead to (a) positive impact on business profitability, a more robust corporate governance, as well as fresh and innovative perspectives.”

Madam Halimah said that female representation on the boards of the top 100 primary-listed companies here has doubled in four years.

She also noted the potential for greater women’s participation in entrepreneurship and science and technology, adding that the common misconception that women do not do well in these fields needs to be addressed.

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