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Here’s how salaried women should file taxes

Source | Financial Express : By Chetan Chandak

Taking charge of one’s financial lives is something that every person must do and working women are no exception. In fact, being the custodians of the household budgets for times immemorial they are better money managers. Tax filing is also one such job that they should do on their own without being dependent on their spouse or parents. Nowadays there are many simple, easy, quick, online ways in which you may file your taxes and this is a boon for working women.

There are primarily two ways in which you can file taxes – online and offline. Offline tax filing is allowed only for those who have income below Rs 5 lakh with no refund claims. The only exceptions to this are citizens above the age of 80 years. All others need to file their taxes online. Filing taxes offline even for those who do not earn up to Rs 5 lakh can be a tedious task since this involves paperwork and can be time consuming and prone to errors.


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Women who need to file their taxes should prefer the online route since this will save them the most important thing in their life – TIME. Inevitably a working woman faces many challenges like striking a work-life balance, taking care of house and kids along with work, managing finances, fulfilling expectations of family and work and many more. Amidst all this, filing the tax returns can seem burdensome to a woman. Hence the online route can be the best option.

Income tax returns can be filed online on the website. You can easily file your tax returns using your PAN and date of birth details using the CAPTCHA code on the website. You also need to know how to check your Form 26AS so that you know the exact tax liability or any discrepancy in your taxes due. You need to choose the correct e-filing options on the website and fill in all the details pertaining to your income, taxes and deductions per your Form 16. The website has all the required information to guide you through the e-filing process. This is absolutely safe and free. Once you are done with submitting your ITR, do not forget to verify or e-verify your ITR. The website will guide you through this. Remember that unless you verify your ITR your return is as good as not e-filed.

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