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Hiring in India – Candidates declining offers

Source | LinkedIn : By Kurian Thomas

Declining an offer has become a common trend, especially in India’s IT industry.  Especially problematic is the last minute decline:  Employers begin preparations thinking the candidate is confirmed to join but a day before the start date, the candidate drops a bomb declining the offer, usually giving feeble excuses (if any).  This starts the vicious cycle of back-and-forth offer negotiations to retain the individual but this is usually in vain, because the candidate has already made up his mind to join another company.

In the midst of all this, there is one person that goes through the nail biting experience – the RecruiterThis is probably the most haunting experience of a recruiter’s career because he knows that all the guns are going to point at him and his ability turn this last minute decline into an acceptance.  Is it fair to blame only recruiter for an offer decline? If not, then whose fault is it?

In a lot of companies stake holders just rely on recruiter to do most of the selling, convincing, and follow-up which shouldn’t be the case. Offer decline happens due to various reasons such as unrealistic salary expectation, role clarity, location constraints, poorly perceived company image, personal reasons, social media reviews, company leadership, and a host of other reasons!  It’s a long list and quite often the recruiting team is blamed while ignoring above stated possible reasons.

In all actuality, the accountability lies with ALL the stake holders involved: hiring manager, technical team, HR and recruiter. There is no way one can understand the challenges of recruiting unless and until stakeholders come together as a team and work collaboratively. Lately, I have experienced that the stakeholders have started taking more responsibility and are getting involved in the hiring process from sourcing candidates up until the new hire comes on-board……this collaborative approach is turning out to be a game changer!  Let’s pledge to work and face challenges together instead of playing the blame game.

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