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How Hiring Managers Silently Judge You Based On Your Looks

Source | FastCompany : BY LYDIA DISHMAN

If you still believe looks don’t matter when it comes to landing a job, think again.

Fairygodboss, an employer review site for women, just published the results of a survey of 500 hiring professionals, representing a variety of races and genders, who were asked to rate the top three traits they perceived when shown images of female job candidates of different ages, races, and body types.

The spoiler alert is in the title: “The Grim Reality of Being a Female Job Seeker.”

The adjectives they were told to choose from included:
leadership material

The candidate most likely to be chosen for hire was a Caucasian brunette while women of different races, sizes, or nontraditional appearances were not. For example, only 15.6% of those surveyed said they would consider hiring the heaviest looking woman, and as many as 20% classified her as lazy.

[Photo: courtesy of Fairygodboss]

Other notable findings include a surprising slant on ageism. The older-looking female candidate was ranked first for reliability and third for leadership among the pool of 15 women. Yet while those traits were important to hiring managers, she was ranked 10th overall. The bias against her mostly came from respondents over 45, meaning that the older female candidate might do better if being interviewed by a millennial manager.

[Photo: courtesy of Fairygodboss]

That’s the only case in the study of a group going against a candidate who was most like them. Women of color were more likely to be hired by managers of their own race or non-whites. “This data,” says the report, “suggests that if women are interviewing with someone of a different race, they may want to consider the fact that their leadership potential might be underestimated and seek to combat this bias by placing additional emphasis on their leadership track record and abilities.”

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