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How Can You Make an Awesome First Impression with Your Body Language?

By | Khyati Gupta Babbar | Santulan Behavioural Sciences

Do you know your First Impression is formed in less than a second? Do you also know that your First Impression is a PAIN?
P: Permanent
A: Accurate
I: Immediate
N: Non-Verbal

Read some helpful tips below to learn how to be in control of your First Impression.

  • Every time you are about to meet a new person, use your hands wisely to make a stellar First Impression. Our hands are our trust indicators so keep them out of your pockets and clearly visible.
  • How many bags and accessories do you carry when going for a meeting? Think about it. If your hands are occupied you will look clumsy. Keep your dominant hand free for a nice and comfortable handshake. Always remember that your bags and accessories are also a part of your non-verbal communication!
  • It happens often that when we get into a room to meet a new person, we sub-consciously survey the room with our eyes. It is essential for us to do that to feel comfortable. But in that process, sometimes we forget to make an eye contact during our initial exchange of greetings. Remember that a purposeful eye contact helps in releasing the bonding hormone called Oxytocin; which is an essential ingredient for a stellar First Impression.
  • Do you know that even before you have spoken your first word, the other person has already formed an impression of you from your non-verbal communication? This fact is very important for us while waiting at the reception to meet someone. We usually hunch into our phones with our head down and shoulders stooped. This automatically puts us in a low power pose and imagine if the other person walks in at that time! Always, keep your phone near your eye level so that you are not unknowingly putting yourself in a low power pose.
  • We always think about what we will say when we meet a person. But we almost never think about how we will say it. Especially, how we will stand or sit – our launch stance. Being aware of our launch stance prevents us from feeling awkward. After your initial greetings once you settle down into a conversation, use your launch stance; which will keep you comfortable. An ideal launch stance has loose arms, feet planted on the ground and a relaxed face.
  • Have you ever felt nervous while meeting a potential client or a new person in social gatherings? We all have! How can you avoid showing your nerves and come across as confident? A very simple but important tool is to avoid self-soothing behaviour.When we were kids our mother used to stroke our hair or pat us gently to calm us. Now as adults, we do the same behaviour when we are nervous. Avoid rubbing your hands or touching your face as a self-soothing behaviour. 
  • Avoid the question inflection unless you want to ask a question! Your voice tone at the start of a conversation determines how the other person perceives you.Be careful to never use the question inflection on statements. For example, “My name is Neha?” Make it authoritative by going down at the end of the sentence. “My name is Neha.” This will tell the other person that you are sure of yourself.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful in your day to day life.

Republished with permission and originally published at Khyati Gupta Babbar

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