How To Add Automation To Your Business Processes

[ad_1] Automating your business is not just a nice thing to do; these days, it’s an absolute must. Why spend unnecessary time handling administrative duties or other repetitive tasks when your time is better spent talking to prospects and clients or just working to grow your business?

With a plethora of online tools at your disposal, adding automation to your sales, marketing and customer service process can be simple.

Automate Sales Processes

Ideally, the only people your sales team talks to are the people who are already qualified, know exactly what they want, and are ready to sign a contract. In reality? Your sales team all-too-often spends their valuable time talking to prospects who are just kicking the tires, not ready to make a commitment.

By automating some aspects of your sales process, you can help the team get closer to that ideal. One option is adding a pricing calculator to your site. This lets the prospect pick and choose the level of product or service as well as compare features and benefits. They’ll be able to determine if they even have the budget to hire you, which makes the sales call geared towards the benefits of working with you rather than focusing on the cost.

A great example of a pricing calculator is on HubSpot’s revamped site, or in the free 401(k) quote estimator on Summit CPA.

Automating the sales follow-up process means sales spends more time talking to and closing the leads that are actually interested.

Another way to free up your sales team is to set up a service to automate meeting scheduling. Your sales team dreads having to go back and forth with their prospects via email, trying to find a time for a meeting.

Ask your team to set up the blocks of time they have available, integrate with their calendar, and voila- prospects can pick and choose which time works best for them. This makes the process of talking to sales effortless; your prospects (and your team) will appreciate it.

Finally, automating the follow-up emails for sales means they…


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